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Unit 1 - What is History? 
Unit 2 - Post World War I - Treaty Of Versailles
Unit 3 - Rise of Single Party States
              Rise of Fascism - Theory
              Economic Turmoil
Unit 4 - Rise of Fascist Italy
Unit 5 - Rise of Germany 
Unit 6 - Russia and Japan
Unit 7 - World War II - Results
Unit 8 - Cold War 
Unit 9 - Rise of Mao
Unit 10 - Cuban Revolution
Unit 11 - Collapse of the Soviet Union 

World War 2 Photos

Unit 3 and 4 The world in the 1930s

The World in the 1930s Impact of the Great Depression; the failure of international diplomacy and trade; the Italian Ethiopian War; the Spanish Civil War; the rise of dictators and single party states.

Unit 2 Packet Treaty Of Versailles

End of World War One and the Versailles Conference Goals of the conference; the establishment of a League of Nations; the treatment of Germany

Unit 1: What is History?

Midterm Answer Key 2020

I.B. Readings Marking Period 1

Mary E. Townsend’s Commercial and Colonial Policies of Imperial Germany (129-139)
Woodrow Wilson’s The Fourteen Points (1918)
Postwar Settlements and Self-Determination (67-73)
William L. Shirer’s “Although the Treaty of Versailles was Reasonable, Few Germans Accepted It” from The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (82-90)
Samuel W. Mitcham Jr.’s “German Reactions to the Treaty Were Understandable” from Why Hitler? The Genesis of the Nazi Reich (97-105)
Peter Gay’s “Germans Believed Their Nation Had Been Betrayed” from Weimar Culture: The Outsider as Insider (91-96)
Edwin P. Hoyt’s “The Fruits of Victory” from Mussolini’s Empire: The Rise and Fall of the Fascist Vision (79-88)
Benito Mussolini Fascist Doctrine (1932)
Mark Robson’s “Chapter 5: Mussolini and the Fascist Political System” from Italy: Liberalism and Fascism 1870-1945 (73-84)
Marco Palla’s “Chapter 4: The Search for a Consensus” from Mussolini and Fascism (62-79)
Christopher Leeds’s “Chapter 3: Education and the Church” from Italy Under Mussolini (55-72)
Mark Robson’s “Mussolini and the Wider World” from Italy: Liberalism and Fascism 1870-1945 (116-124)
Michael A. Boden’s “The Versailles Treaty Opened the Door for Hitler” from History in Dispute, Vol. 4: World War II, 1939-1943 (21-27)
John M. Keynes’s The Economic Consequences of the Peace—A British View (p. 40-51)
Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf (1923)

I.B. Fourth Project

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