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Who is my teacher?

me teaching picture
Ms. Lisa Sigloch
Room A-20
6th, 7th and 8th Grade Family and Consumer Sciences
Teacher Lead Teacher of the Family and Consumer Sciences Department
Advisor to the CMS School Store:  "The Wildcat Warehouse" 
Advisor to the scrapbooking club:  "Scrapsters"
Advisor to the Sewing and Crafts Club  

NEW-For e-Learning and e-Help----How do I contact my teacher?

figure holding email sign
Only an e-mail or call  away!
I can be reached at anytime using this email:
When contacting me, please include your full name and the period number you have FACS class.  
Should you or your family wish to arrange a phone conference, please include a phone number where you can be reached and a convenient two hour time frame for receiving a call back.   
Please allow 12-24 hours for a response. 
I look forward to hearing from you! 

New for e-Learning and e-Extra Help...

road sign help
Students:  In person-extra-help will be provided by appointment, and will be accomplished either on line in the classroom stream, or by phone.  If you have questions and/or need help on any assignment, contact me by email or in the stream. 
Parents can contact me by email.  When doing so, please leave a convenient time to reach  you and a contact number. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any question or concern.

How am I doing in FACS?

boy with progress report

Your grade in Family and Consumer Sciences will be computed based on the following percentages:
 35% Assessments
 25% Classwork and Preparedness
 40% Projects and Laboratory Experiences
At the start of every quarter FACS students will be provided with a Preparedness Rubric.
This will be used to guide student achievement.  
Grades will be posted to the Infinite Campus Portal.   
Please visit: 
to access the portal. 
For help with parent portal access,
please email [email protected]

What supplies Do I Need For FACS?

  • 1 inch three ring binder
  • 4 dividers
  • pen or pencil
  • agenda


  • 1 gallon size zip lock bag
  • 1 folder
  • 1 pincushion
  • Optional-quilting pins 

  • 1 folder with pockets
  • agenda 

This Way to Forms

Forms is the Microsoft program that we will be using to take all our class questionnaires, to complete our preparedness rubric and to take our unit tests.  You can access forms by locating the section on my web page that corresponds to what you need to accomplish and there will always be a link that will take you directly to the Forms program.
Once there, you will need to log on with your Microsoft log in which is:
The first initial of your first name followed by your last name and then
Remember, you must include the number with your name if you were assigned one.  A number means that someone else in the school district has exactly the same name as one or both of you has been assigned a number so that the system can tell you apart.  
Then you will need to imput your network password which really isn't a password but a number.  
If you forget your password, you can ask a parent to look it up for you by going to your student profile on the Parent Portal.
If you are having difficulty with gaining access to Forms....try back at a later time, as it sometimes is not working properly.   


bonus ribbon
Chocolate Crinkle Cookie Craziness has begun.....make our CCC recipe and add some filling to createa double delicious dessert for a FACS bonus. 
Get ready for Pretzel Dough and some creativity!  ....Prepare ourdough recipe for Pretzels and then use it to create something that has eye and taste appeal.  
 garlic pizza                   
Banana Bread Bonanza-   Make Banana Bread and add your own idea to make it even more delicious!  Remember...we eat with our eyes and our mouth.  Make it look great and taste great! 
English Muffin Pizza Bonus!  Make English Muffins or any of the substitute bread ideas and
 add a super creative topping or a variety of toppings.
 Remember to include yourself in one of your documenting pictures.
 Remember your pizzas must look nice, be able to be eatten to be worthy of top chef honors.  
pizza           english muffin breakfast          english muffin pizza
Make Cinna-sticks by following our recipe AND add some of your creativity! Add sauce, fruit, icecream....use your top chef ingenuity.  As always, document your work with pictures.

Food Labels and Ingredients

chef's hat Prior to each scheduled lab, all ingredients that will be used in the lab will be made available for the student to examine.  Students with food or ingredient sensitivities and allergies or special dietary needs are encouraged to use a cell phone to take pictures of the food labels prior to the lab.  Parents are asked to review the label contents and contact Miss Sigloch should you have any questions or concerns.  It should be noted that while it is "fun" for a student to taste what is prepared, many students take home what is made and the learning is in the experience and cooperative nature of the lab activities.  

Family and Consumer Sciences Curriculum Links

word collage
 Knowing What FACS is All about...
FACS CTE Content and Theme Modules:
FACS National Standards
FACS Standards for Career Development and Occupational Studies

FACS in the MYP

The FACS curriculum here at CMS fits perfectily into the Middle Years Program, MYP.  Our hands on, cooperative activities, allow for creative freedom and student immersion into the Design Cycle. Student  learning potential expands and successes multiply as the student gains experience in using the  Learner Profile Traits to complete design challenges.  Many CMS students are very familiar with the MYP essential "concepts-words-techniques,"  like; Statement of Inquiry, conceptual question, or reflection.  These and others are always reinforced and reviewed as units progress.
Four critical  parts of the MYP framework are the 
Statement of Inquiry and its surrounding framework, 
the Learner Profile Traits or attributes,
the Approaches to Learning Skills,  
and of course,
the Design Cycle.

Technology and FACS

computer with career ideas

 Family and Consumer Sciences students will be immersed in a technology based Career Exploration experience, using a program called Naviance.  At each grade level, the FACS teachers, together with the Guidance teachers, will lead students though age appropriate career interest investigations so that early career awareness can be ignited.  

Important Forms for FACS students to have

Contact Information
By Mail:  Vanderbilt Parkway Commack, NY 11725
By Phone: 
By Email: [email protected]
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values to become a successful, contributing member within our school community and greater society.
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