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Latin 1 Units of Study

Latin 1

Ms. Kass

Course Outline

Welcome to Latin! In this course, we will be learning the vocabulary and grammar necessary to read and write simple Latin. We will also be studying Greco-Roman culture and mythology. Through the study of Latin, we will also be taking a closer look at English grammar and vocabulary.

1. Introduction to Latin and the World of Ancient Rome

A. Why Latin? Who spoke it? When and where was it spoken?    E. Roman Houses

B. Roman alphabet and pronunciation                                                    F. Role of Women

C. Word order in Latin/Subjects/Complements/Linking Verbs      G. Ancient Roman Gods and Goddesses

D. System of Names

2. Introduction to Noun Declensions and Verb Conjugations

A. Three Declensions of Nouns                                                                   E. Conjugating Verbs

B. Roman Meals                                                                                               F. Life in Pompeii

C. Roman Dress

D. Nominative and Accusative Cases

3. Verb Tenses

A. Present                                                                                                           E. Freedmen in Ancient Rome

B. Imperfect                                                                                                       F. Death and Burial in Ancient Rome

C. Perfect                                                                                                            G. Judgment of Paris Myth

D. Omission of Subject Pronoun

4. New Cases; Introduction to Comparative and Superlative Adjectives; Questions

A. Dative Case                                                                                                   E. The Baths

B. Comparative and Superlative Adjectives                                           F. Education

C. Questions/Question Words                                                                    G. Elections

D. Gladiators                                                                                                      H. Eruption of Vesuvius

I. The Iliad 

5. The Aeneid

A. The Aeneid in English

B. The Aeneid in adapted Latin

C. Prepositions taking the Accusative and Ablative Cases

D. The Ablative Case 

6. Final Review

A. Review of grammatical and cultural concepts

B. If time permits: Orpheus and Eurydice; Narcissus and Echo; Pyramus and Thisbe

Course Materials:

1. Latin folder with loose-leaf paper

2. Pen or pencil

3. Cambridge Latin Course Textbooks

Homework Policy- Students have 1 week to turn in a missing assignment 

Extra Help Info

Please contact me to arrange an extra help session. 

Aeneid Slideshow

Final Summary

Contact Information
By Mail:  1 Scholar Lane Commack, NY 11725
By Phone:  (631) 912-2100
By Email:
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