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About Me

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Hi! My name is Nancy Carillo and I  am your child's first grade teacher this year. I am a graduate of Commack Schools and enjoy having the opportunity teaching in the district I grew up in.  I'm looking forward to working with you and your child  in order to have a wonderful school year!
Mrs. Nancy Carillo
Contact info:  [email protected]

Class Assignments

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Elementary Homework
Elementary homework will be sent home in your child's folder/notebook when assigned by the teacher. Please check this folder/notebook daily.
Notification of Assignments
Long-term assignments and projects, will be posted in the Class Announcement section as determined by the teacher

Procedures for Room 7

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Room 7 will participate in having snack time each day. Please send in nutritious snacks with your child. For example, sliced fruit, pretzels, crackers, etc. are some suggestions. Try to avoid sending drinks in bottles or containers that may leak.Also be aware of nut allergies and foods that are harmful to students with these allergies.


Each month, the lunch menu will be posted on the Commack Schools website. If your child wishes to buy lunch, please send the money to school either in alabeled envelopeor baggie, or have your child keep a wallet of some sort in his/her backpack. Please review the menu with your child so that they make a final choice of which lunch he/she wants to buy. There is also aprepaid lunch programthat you can utilize if you wish to pay for lunches in advance to avoid sending money to school with your child.

Book Orders

Throughout the school year, I will be sending home book club order forms from Scholastic. I would recommend that you take advantage of the low prices of quality literature that the club has to offer. I ask that you visit the Scholastic website and place all book orders online using our class user name and password. You can view the titles found in the monthly order forms and place your order from your home computer. Please take note of the due date on the forms. Thanks!


We love to celebrate birthdays in Room 7. In order to provide a safe, caring environment at Rolling Hills and in our classroom,we will NOT be distributing food for birthdays, class parties, events, or lessons. If you would like to acknowledge your child’s birthday in the classroom, please feel free to choose one or more of the following ideas to send to school: stickers, erasers, pencils, donate a book, sign a t-shirt, etc. 

Student of the Week

Each week, a child will be chosen at random to be the “Star Student”. This is one way to give every child a sense of importance and boost his/her self-esteem. It also encourages positive character education concepts. Thus, the feelings of a classroom community are enhanced and reinforced as the Star is recognized at the Gathering. STAR stands for Success Through Achieving Responsibility.

        In my classroom, the Star Student will be granted certain privileges and awards. One particular treat will be to take home our class mascot Pete the Cat. Pete will be in a tote bag with a variety of books and Pete the Cat's Journal. This will be an ongoing project as each student gets to take him home for the week.  When your child is the “star”, he/she will take home Pete the Cat on Monday of that week, and bring them back to school on the following Monday so that the adventures can be shared with the class. More specific instructions can be found in the tote bag. This is just another way to promote literacy and excitement toward school. 

Learning Centers

Various centers, or stations, will be situated around the classroom for the purpose of reinforcing and broadening your child’s learning experience.  These centers will include hands-on activities using manipulatives, paper & pencil tasks, listening and art activities, and pocket chart learning games. Our classroom also keeps up with technology, so students will have the opportunity to use the classroom Chromebook Computers for activities such as: publishing writing pieces using word processing programs, interacting with programs that relate to math, spelling, and reading concepts, and finally, using the internet for teacher-directed lessons and activities.

Vocabulary Word Cards

Recognizing commonly used words is vital to literacy learning and reading comprehension. Every child will create word cards using index cards. These cards will be placed on a metal ring.It is strongly suggested that those words be reviewed on a regular basis. We will also practice them in class. At the end of each week, the words that your child has successfully identified numerous times will be removed from the ring, and placed in theWord Card Box, or Bag,  at home. Please have your child bring the ring back and forth to school everyday.            


Thank you for gathering all the supplies requested in the summer mailing list. Please check for notes that will periodically come home during the school year to ask for particular supplies if they need replenishing. Being prepared is essential.



     Room 7 has an OPTIONALReading Log Folder for each student.

This blue folder will contain a set of directions and blank reading logs. Whenever your child reads a book for enjoyment at home, or when you read a book to your child, you can enter the titles on this log. Each time your child reads 10 books, he/she can earn a prize from my classroom treasure chest. Again, my goal is to promote a love for reading and immerse children with books so they become better readers. Therefore, I appreciate your cooperation with this endeavor.

Communication-Home & School

I encourage you to be involved with your child’s education by looking through the ”Take Home” folder on a daily basis to check for assignments and other important school notices. Also, please make sure you are signed up for the Commack District’s email notification system. In an effort to go “paperless” please visit the Commack Schools website at You can go to the schools icon and buildings. Find Rolling Hills and click. Now you can view important backpack mail! Keep the lines of communication open by contacting me when necessary, and I will do the same if I have any concerns regarding your child.                        

Notes to School

Please place any notes to me, PTA notices, absent notes, etc. in your child’s ”Take Home” folder. It is imperative that you send in the proper note if your child is having a special pick-up/after school activity. Due to the fact that buses are being used to their maximum capacity, any request for a child to go home on another bus must be cleared with Mrs. Santarpia in advance. I want to make sure all students go where they need to go at the end of each day, so writing notes is essential. Please remember to write absent noteswhen your child returns to school after being absent, that provide the reason for the absence.

Discipline Plan

Students who choose to follow all of our classroom rules and behave in an appropriate fashion, will be rewarded individually.  Various certificates, pencils, stickers, and other small prizes can be found in “Mrs. Carillo’s” Treasure Chest. Of course, verbal praise will be given as well. I will try to contact parents when such rewards are given. I believe it is important to have contact with parents for positive reasons, rather than for  negative ones. The class as a whole group can focus on good behavior too.




These are the classroom rules for Room 7:

       1. Keep hands, feet, and unkind remarks to yourself.

          2. Raise your hand and stay seated

          3. Listen & work quietly in the classroom

4. Walk quietly at all times in the halls.

5. Be helpful- keep all areas neat and clean

          6. Finish  all assignments neatly and on time.

          7. Respect the property of others.

If a student chooses to break a rule, the following consequences will be imposed:

       1. First time: verbal warning- Stick moves into “yellow zone”

          2. Second time: Stick moves into “red zone”/ “Oops” Note

3. Third time: time out from special activity/”Oops” Note

          4. Fourth time: no recess and parental phone call

If misbehavior persists, a parent meeting may be conducted and the building Principal will be notified of the situation.

The “Traffic Light/Stick System” basically is a set of sticks with each child’s name on them. The pocket chart is a traffic light. All sticks begin on green and hopefully remain there each day. If events occur, sticks can be moved to the other lights thus requiring consequences. 

        Children will discuss the rules, rewards, and consequences during the first week of school. They will also sign aClassroom

Constitutionpromising to follow all the rules. In this way, they have more ownership of the rules, and will be more likely to follow them. This will evoke discussions about fairness and other character education traits that are necessary in being a good classroom citizen.


Class Schedule

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Monday- Music and MITA (Movement in the Arts) * wear sneakers

Tuesday-Art and MITA  *wear sneakers

Wednesday- Phys. Ed.   *wear sneakers

Thursday-Library ** return books please

Friday-Phys. Ed.  and Computers  * wear sneakers


Every day snack and drink in morning   Lunch and Recess 12:20-1:10 

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Contact Information
By Mail:  25 McCulloch Dr Dix Hills, NY 11746
By Phone:  631-858-3570
By Email: [email protected]
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