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Mr. Eisenhardt's Website

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      Welcome to Mr. Eisenhardt's website.  On the pages on the left, you will find links related to each unit taught.
      This website is an additional resource. Students are still responsible for assignments and announcements given in class.
      For the portal on Infinite Campus, please allow time for the gradebook to be updated.  Parent and student access for the the portal can be found here HERE.
      Email is the best form of communication and I will try my best to respond within 24 hours during the school week.

LTA-Patriot/Loyalist Diary Project

Extra Help

Extra Help will be offered every Tuesday at 7:15AM unless stated otherwise.  Additional extra help will be provided the morning of unit tests or by appointment.  

Course Guide, Grading, and Student Expectations

Assignments and Important Dates

Unit 4 Test: 12/13/19 (Friday)
  • Study Check #1 (bottom of page 4) due 11/20/19
  • Study Check # 2 (page 12) due 11/22/19
  • Study Check # 3 and #4 (bottom of page 15/19) due 11/26/19
  • Study Check # 5 (bottom of page 21) due 12/9/19
  • Study Check # 6 12/12/19 
2nd Quarter LTA - Revolutionary Diary
due Wednesday 12/18/19 
Parent Signature is due 12/3/19 
The completed project is due in class on the above date. 
The rough draft for each diary entry will be due on the following dates:




Boston Massacre


April 1770



12/5/19 (Thursday)




Intolerable / Coercive Acts



June 1774



12/10/19 (Tuesday)




Declaration of Independence



August 1776



12/13/19 (Friday)

Team 7-1 "Jump To"

Social Studies:
Period 8:

Units of Study

  • Geography and Native American Groups 
  • European Exploration
  • The British Colonies
  • The American Revolution
  • The Constitution & Bill of Rights
  • Washington and the Federalist Era
  • Jefferson and the Democratic-Republican Era
  • The War of 1812 & The Early Industrial Revolution
  • Andrew Jackson 
  • Westward Expansion
  • The Causes of the Civil War
  • The American Civil War

Grading Policy

Tests and Quizzes: 50%
Projects: 25%
Homework/Classwork: 20%
Participation: 5%
Contact Information
By Mail:  Vanderbilt Parkway Commack, NY 11725
By Phone: 
By Email:
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