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If your child misses school

If your child misses school for 1 or 2 days, please make sure he/she checks their teachers'e-boards for any missed work. He/She should also have the names and phone numbers of a few children in each of their classes.  There is a page entitled "Homework Buddies" located in your child's agenda book to call and obtain information on missing assignments. When your child returns, he/she should also approach each teacher regarding any missed exams or assignments. Extra help is a great opportunity to get caught up on work and ensure understanding of assignments upon returning to school. 

If your child is out three or more days, please feel free to e-mail  your child's teachers to request missed work that you can pick up. Normally it takes 24 hours upon teacher notification to collect the necessary assignments. Teachers will bring your child's work down to the main office.  Please note: Before you make the trip up to the school for your child's work, please call the main office at 631-858-3500 to see if the work is there to be picked up.

Posted Tuesday, April 17, 2018