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Unit 1 = review of digraphs and blends, use of c,k, and ck to make the /k/ sound


Unit 2 =review the ff,ll,ss bonus letter rule, reteach the "glued" sounds of all, am, an, ang, ing, ong, ung, ank, ink, onk, unk


Unit 3= closed syllable exceptions ild, ind, old, olt, ost


Unit 4= suffixes -s,-es, -ed, -ing


Unit 5= multisyllabic words


Unit 6= words ending in vowel-consonant-e


Unit 7=open syllables, y as /e/ sound, y, ly, and ty as a suffix


Unit 8= r-controlled syllables ar and or


Unit 9 = r-controlled syllables er, ir, and ur


Unit 10= vowel teams ay and ai


Unit 11= vowel teams ee, ea, and ey


Unit 12=vowel teams oy and oi


Unit 13=vowel teams oa,oe, and ow


Unit 14=vowel teams ou and ow


Unit 15= spellings of /u/ sound, oo,ou,ue, and ew


Unit 16=vowel combinations au and aw


Unit 17= consonant-le syllable

Parents can input spelling words and then kids take a practice test.

Posted Tuesday, August 14, 2018