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SCHEDULING - Why should I take and ART ELECTIVE?
As students are making course selections they should consider signing up for an art course. 
Here is a great list of things you learn in Art....

1.   Art stimulates the brain and helps develop problem-solving skills.
2.   Art builds a keener sense of perception, contributing to making better decisions.
3.   Art engages the senses.
4.   Art helps you relax.
5.   Art stimulates creativity.
6.   Art helps develop individuality and independence.
7.   Art helps to build self-esteem.
8.   Art gives you a sense of well-being.
9.   Art generates enjoyment.
10. Art promotes self-expression.
11.  Art promotes abstract thinking.
12.  Art gives you a feeling of accomplishment.
13.  Art promotes non-verbal communication skills.
14.  Art is exhilarating.
15.  Art teaches us more about ourselves than we imagined.
16.  Art inspires us to be even more creative than we already are!
Attachments Available To Download:
NEA Importance of Arts Education
NEA Importance of Arts Education (RTF)