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1st Grade

1st Grade

 Welcome to First Grade at Indian Hollow Primary School! We look forward to an exciting year filled with learning and making new friends.
 Reading in first grade takes place throughout the day in a variety of ways. The students are immersed in a rich literature and language environment. The children learn to read, using an assortment of genres, such as picture books, fiction and non-fiction, as well as poetry. The first graders are taught many strategies through teacher demonstration, peer modeling, small group instruction, and daily independent reading opportunities. The children are taught to effectively utilize these strategies in order to read for meaning. Our main goal in first grade is to provide the students with the skills necessary to become lifelong readers, as well as foster a love of reading.
 The first graders enjoy the time they spend as writers. Each classroom has Writer's Workshop built into its busy day. The children are introduced to many different genres of writing throughout the year. Some of the writing that occurs in our classrooms includes poetry, non-fiction, book reviews, journal writing, letter writing, and story writing. Literature is incorporated into lessons and activities to encourage creativity. Writer's Workshop begins with a mini-lesson that is based on the needs and interests of the class. The students have the opportunity to write independently for a set period of time. As the year progresses, it is evident that the students grow as writers. First graders learn about the writing process throughout the year.
 A multi-sensory approach of exploration is used to investigate units such as Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles, Waves, and Interdependent Relationships and Ecosystems.   Each unit consists of focusing on science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas and crosscutting concepts. First grade is a stepping stone in creating scientists that are scientific thinkers and learners.  

 Our first graders continue their work in addition and subtraction. The children concentrate on place value, numbers to 100, geometry, measurement, time, and money. The students develop mathematical proficiency and reasoning through problem solving. Additionally, first graders learn to use problem-solving strategies with single and then multi-step problems. The children utilize concrete materials and pictorial models to help understand mathematical concepts. By combining these strategies with computational and procedural skills, the children develop proficiency in mathematical reasoning.
 First graders are immersed in a variety of lessons and activities that promote social-emotional growth and physical wellness. The children participate in the "Second Step" program which focuses on Empathy, Impulse Control and Problem Solving, and Anger Management. All first graders learn about and discuss the character traits that are emphasized in the district's "Character Education" program. Our goal is for students to become independent problem solvers who can make mindful decisions about their own health and safety.