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Commack School District

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Academic Intervention Services

Academic Intervention Services

In order to enable students to meet the criteria set by the New York State Standards, the Commack School District provides Academic Intervention Services to supplement the regular classroom program. The two components of these services include curriculum instructional support as well as student support, such as guidance. The focus is to directly support the regular classroom program while meeting the individual needs of the students. In accordance, the intensity of these services varies as well.

Students are selected for Academic Intervention Services if they are functioning below grade level expectations as indicated by multiple measures.
  • Classroom Based Assessment
  • Standardized Tests
  • Recommendations
In order to best address the needs of students, the intensity of service may vary accordingly by time as well as form (large group to one on one).
  • Extra help
  • Regularly scheduled small group instruction
  • Learning labs in content areas
  • Push-in programs
  • Direct instructional support in the regular classroom
  • Consult model
  • Monitoring 
Students at risk are required to participate in Academic Intervention Services. The home school connection is important to student success and communication is essential. Academic Intervention Services is always delivered by qualified, certified teachers and staff. Academic Intervention Services continue until the student meets or is likely to meet the New York State Learning Standards.