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Commack School District

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Transportation Department

Transportation Forms and Information

Parents are encouraged to maintain current email addresses with the Commack School District.


Late buses at Commack High School and Commack Middle School are available every day. Students should check with the High School or Middle School main offices for the late bus schedule to locate the bus stop closest to their home. Bus stops are not the same as the daily buses. 
High School late buses are AA, BB, CC or DD. Middle School late buses are A, B, C or D. 
Private-Parochial Transportation Request  - Deadline is April 1, 2024

Children within the district are transported between home and school in accordance with the following schedule:

Grades K-5: More than 1/4 mile

Grades 6-8: More than 1/2 mile

Grades 9-12: More than 1 mile

Out of District -

The district transports pupils to private and parochial schools for a distance not to exceed fifteen (15) miles. If a student lives beyond the 15 mile limit and the district makes a bus run to that particular school, carrying other eligible students, transportation will be provided from a central pickup point. Transportation to and from a central pickup point, however, is the responsibility of the student. Requests for such transportation must be made before April 1 for the following school year. The application form and instructions can be found on the Commack Web site, or obtained at the transportation office.

Children riding buses are issued bus passes. Parents are urged to instruct their children in rules of proper behavior. The school district reserves the right to suspend the privilege of bus transportation for students who threaten the safety and well-being of themselves and/or of other children. The transportation department telephone number is: (631) 912-2020.