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Tech Support

Tech Support

Please visit our Tech Support Web Page for Tips on iPads, Cellphone Setup, Microsoft products and more..
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Information Systems Management Department

 What is Information Systems Management?
    MIS is short for Management of Information Systems, a broad term covering all aspects of managing and processing information. Information Systems professionals design, develop, support and manage computer software, hardware, and networks, such as the Internet. The applications of these technologies are all around us. In fact, Information Systems is probably already a part of your life in ways you aren't even aware of. Computer software used to write a term paper, computer generated animation in a blockbuster movie, networks and programs that let you order books over the Internet, and satellites and systems that enable NASA to conduct remote space exploration are all developed by creative and dedicated IS professionals. 
MIS Department Mission

     Our mission is to provide a secure, reliable and robust information system for the students and staff of the Commack School District. 

MIS Staff

Paul Giordano - Network & System Specialist II
Laura Rizzo - Network & System Specialist I
Anthony Capiral - Network & System Specialist I
Michael Cappiello - Network & Systems Technician
Angelo Pagano - Network & Systems Technician
Christopher Reilly - Network & Systems Technician
Nicholas Phillips – Tech Support
Brian Moreira - Tech Support
Lyndsay Hathaway - Tech Support
Timothy Miller - Tech Support
Contact Information
Hubbs Administration Building
480 Clay Pitts Road
East Northport, NY 11731
Information Technology Department Staff
 The Infinite Campus online Student Management System is administered by the Data Team (912-2044)
Alise Pulliam -  Executive Director for Instructional Technology
Joanne Abosch 
Rachel Schettini

Public Relations Staff
The District Website is overseen by the Public Relations team.

Adam Rubin- Director of Public Relations
Brett Malamud- Website Specialist

Technical Support Procedure
The Management Information Services (MIS) Department located at Hubbs is responsible for providing technical support for the district. Our goal is to maximize system uptime thereby minimizing system downtime.
To contact the MIS Department for technical support please submit a work order click here.