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Commack School District

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Commack Historical Committee

Commack Historical Committee

Three Commack History Books available for download or online reading!

Commack memorabilia from the early years of the school district is of special value for preservation and display, so don't throw it away! “We have many more historic documents that need to be scanned so we can post them on the Commack Historic Site,” said long-time committee member Carolyn Gehlbach. “The committee is looking for experienced volunteers who would be interested in this ongoing project.” To volunteer, please contact Brenda Lentsch ([email protected]).

The mission of the Commack Historical Committee is to collect, preserve and display memorabilia representing the rich history of the Commack School District and community.

In 1980, as a result of a charge by the School Board, a committee was formed to oversee the collection and preservation of school memorabilia. This committee was composed of nearly 30 teachers, residents and administrators.

Donations of memorabilia from all schools (open or closed) are needed. Memorabilia from the early years of the school district are of special value to us for preservation and display. So think about us before you throw away “old school stuff” in your closet. If you would like to donate, please bring your memorabilia to Hubbs Administration Center on Clay Pitts Road. Don't forget to attach your contact information to your donation! Also please send an email to Carolyn ([email protected]) to let her know you've dropped off something. Thanks!

We welcome willing staff and/or residents to serve as volunteers to work with our committee.

Meetings are generally held the first Tuesday of the month although during the pandemic we have suspended meetings.

Current Historical Committee Members

Current Historical Committee Members

Chairperson: Matt Keltos

The following new people have volunteered & been appointed to serve on the Commack Historical Committee by the Board of Education. They are: Vito Cottone, Deborah DeVito, Adele Flicker, Deborah Guber, Deborah Kastsuros, Brenda Lentsch (Public Relations), Annette Kosar, Christopher Metz, Arthur Reilly Sr.

We wish to thank Hilda Haas for serving as Chairperson of the Historical Committee for over 25 years.

Services Provided

Services Provided

  • Assistance with the retrieval of memorabilia for use at reunions
  • Compilation of materials for school projects
  • Availability for review of yearbooks, literary magazines, photos, local and school newspapers.
You may contact all members by calling the Hubbs Administration Center (912-2000) and leaving a message.