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Commack School District

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English Language Program

English as a Second Language Program

The Commack Public Schools operates a free-standing English as a Second Language Program for our English Language Learners. This program complies with federal and state regulations for ESL/ELL.

Parents and guardians of all new entrants to the district complete the New York State Home Language Questionnaire. Children of families who indicate that a language other than English is spoken at home are screened for ESL/ELL services in accordance with state and federal guidelines to determine program eligibility. Students who are eligible for ESL/ELL services continue in this pull-out program until they have passed the New York State English as a Second Language Test ( NYSESLAT) in accordance with state and federal legislation.

Instruction takes place daily; the amount of time is determined by the grade level and student need and is in accordance with state regulation. Elementary and middle school students whose scores place them at a beginning or intermediate level for ESL learning will receive two periods of ESL instruction for a total of 360 minutes per week; advanced students will receive one period per day. High School students who achieve scores that are at a beginning level will receive three periods of ESL instruction daily; intermediate level high school students will receive two periods per day; advanced students receive one period per day.

ESL/ELL instruction focuses on the New York State Standards for English Language Arts and uses ESL methodology for content area instruction.