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Commack School District

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Astrophotography by Brandon B.

Out of this World!

Brandon B. is a current junior at Commack High School and an amateur astrophotographer. On nearly every clear night he gets the chance, he spends hours outside photographing countless near earth and deep space objects, such as the moon, planets, satellites, nebulas, and galaxies. His passion for astrophotography and astronomy began after he bought his first telescope in 2018. After observing his first objects, he wanted to share the wonders of space with others through photography. His photos have been recognized by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), shared by multiple astronauts, and featured internationally by major media organizations such as CBS, NBC, Business Insider, The Guardian, UNILAD, Newsweek, and PA Media. Today, he shares his photos of the universe to an audience of thousands all over the world.