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CHS Camera Rental


As part of the Commack High School Art Department, the Digital and Traditional Photography classes (Advanced Placement Art and IB Art may utilize them for their portfolio if they choose to do so) utilize cameras that produce photos within each specific genre. The Commack School District can offer the rental of these cameras for academic purposes. If you choose to purchase your own camera, please speak with our art staff first, so they may recommend an appropriate selection to choose from.

SchoolPay Link and Rental Contract

Rental Step 1: Speak with your child's high school art teacher to make sure a camera is available for you to rent. You should not pay for a school rental until you have been notified a school-owned camera is available for you.

Step 2: Once you know a camera is available to you, please pay here: 

Step 3: Please give a signed and completed copy of the rental contract to your child's art teacher (hard copy).

Step 4: You will receive a camera soon after.