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Below is the district-wide calendar of events for the school year.  Events that take place within Commack Schools are part of the school district curriculum or extracurricular program.  Events that take place off-site (with the exception of the High School Marching Band performance at the Newsday Marching Band Festival) are optional and oftentimes involve selection from an outside committee.

There may be additional events that your child's music teacher shares with you.  Also, please note that rehearsal schedules for before and after school activities are not located within this form.

Please refer to the key when viewing all events.
School Building


Day of WeekMonthDateYearTimeSchool InvolvedLocation of EventActivity Title
Monday-ThursdayJune-July28-2220219:00am-2:00pmBIS/MSISCHSSummer Instrumental Music Lesson Program (incoming grades 4-6)
Tuesday-ThursdayAugust24-2620219:00am-12:00pmCHSCHSMarching Band Uniform fitting
FridaySeptember1020213:00-8:00pmCHSCHSMarching Band Camp
FridaySeptember1720213:00-8:00pmCHSCHSMarching Band Camp
WednesdayOctober202021TBDCHSMitchel Field ComplexNewsday Marching Band Festival
SaturdayOctober232021TBDBIS/MSISTBDSCMEA Day of PEAK
ThursdayOctober282021TBDCMS/CHSTBDAll-County Jazz Rehearsal #1
ThursdayNovember420211:00pmCHSCHSFall Drama (Senior Citizen Matinee)
FridayNovember520217:30pmCHSCHSFall Drama
FridayNovember520214:00-9:00pmBIS/MSIS/CMS/CHSTBDSCMEA Day of Tuba and Euphonium
FridayNovember52021TBDCMS/CHSTBDAll-County Jazz Rehearsal #2
SaturdayNovember62021TBDCMS/CHSTBDAll-County Jazz Rehearsal #3
SaturdayNovember62021TBDCMS/CHSTBDAll-County Jazz Concert
SaturdayNovember620217:30pmCHSCHSFall Drama
TuesdayNovember920213:00-9:00pmCHSConnetquot HSNYSCAME/SCMEA HS All-County Rehearsal #1
ThursdayNovember1820213:00-9:00pmCHSHauppauge HSNYSCAME/SCMEA HS All-County Rehearsal #2
FridayNovember1920219:00am-1:00pmCHSHauppauge HSNYSCAME/SCMEA HS All-County Rehearsal #3
FridayNovember1920217:00pmCHSHauppauge HSNYSCAME/SCMEA HS All-County Concert
Thursday-SundayDecember2-52021TBDCHSRochester, NYNYSSMA All-State Winter Conference
MondayDecember620217:00pmBIS/MSISBIS/MSISGrade 4 Winter Concert (Chorus)
TuesdayDecember720217:00pmCMSCMSWinter Concert I  and Art Show
WednesdayDecember820217:00pmBIS/MSISBIS/MSISGrade 5 Winter Concert 
TuesdayDecember1420217:00pmCMSCMSWinter Concert II and Art Show
WednesdayDecember1520217:00pmCHSCHSWinter Concert I (Grades 9/10)and Art Show
TuesdayDecember1620217:00pmCMSCMSWinter Concert III and Art Show
MondayDecember2020217:00pmBIS/MSISBIS/MSISSnow Date Grade 4 and 5 Winter Concert 
TuesdayDecember2120217:00pmCMSCMSWinter Concert IV and Art Show
WednesdayDecember2220217:00pmCHSCHSWinter Concert II (Grades 11/12)and Art Show
FridayJanuary720224-9pmCMS/CHSTBDLISFA Secondary Rehearsal #1
SaturdayJanuary820229-2pmCMS/CHSTBDLISFA Secondary Rehearsal #2
SundayJanuary92022TBDCMS/CHSTBDLISFA Secondary Concert
MondayJanuary102022TBDCMSCMSSnow Date Winter Concert I and II
WednesdayJanuary122022TBDCMSCMSSnow Date Winter Concert III and IV
FridayJanuary1420223-9pmBIS/MSIS/CMS/CHSTBDSCMEA Day of Horn
TuesdayJanuary182022TBDCHSCHSSnow Date Winter Concert I and II and Art Show
FridayJanuary212022TBDBIS/MSIS/CMS/CHSTBDSCMEA Day of Percussion
FridayJanuary212022TBDBIS/MSIS/CMS/CHSTBDSnow Date SCMEA Day of Horn
FridayJanuary2120224:00-8BIS/MSIS/CMSTBDLISFA Intermediate Rehearsal #1
SaturdayJanuary2220229:00-1pmBIS/MSIS/CMSTBDLISFA Intermediate Rehearsal #2