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Commack School District

Excellence in Education

Civility Plan


   Rolling Hills warmly invites our families, community members and guests into our learning environment, where myriad activities and events occur throughout the year.

   At Rolling Hills, we believe that it is our role to create an environment where people exhibit behaviors that foster sound educational practices, allow people to grow socially and academically, and encourage healthy dialogue, in respectful ways, by presenting ourselves as positive role models. We foster positive communication and respect for one another.

Every person who enters the Rolling Hills facility should expect, and is entitled to experience, a safe, welcoming and non-threatening environment. Therefore, we can realize these goals by:
  • addressing one another in a respectful manner,
  • adhering to building safety procedures and established environment,
  • presenting ourselves as positive role models in words, actions and attire.

This Rolling Hills Civility Plan, established by our School-Based Management Team, follows the guidelines set forth by the Commack School District’s adopted Code of Conduct.

It is the belief of this Committee that our plan supports and reaffirms the positive climate that is fostered at Rolling Hills.

We look forward to working together in an atmosphere filled with mutual trust and respect.


Rolling Hills SBMT