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Syllabus contains: Information About the Class, Assessment grading policy, Homework policy, Materials needed

Extra Help

 Extra help sessions are available:

 Monday and Tuesday mornings, with Mrs. VanSchaick, in the Student Study Center (SSC).

 Monday through Friday afternoons, with Mrs. Bologna, in Room 238 (except for teacher meeting days, which are usually the 1st & 3rd Mondays of every month), beginning September 17th.


Regents Review & HW Answer Keys

Regents review Jan 2019 Part 1 Answer Key2 For Model Answer Keys for all Geometry Regents exams: - Regents Exams - GEO, month - Use PDF for blanks, ANS for answers
Regents review Jan 2019 Part 1 Answer Key1
Regents review June 2017
HW June 11 Answer Key
HW June 10 Answer Key
HW June 6 Answer Key
HW June 5 Answer Key
Geometry Common Core Regents Review packet - Facts You Must Know Cold For The Exam
Dilation Review Notes
Transformation Review Notes2
HW June 4 Answer Key Part 2
HW June 4 Answer Key Part1
Transformations Review Notes
HW May 31 Answer Key - many constructions
HW June 2018 Regents Review Answer Key
Notes Ratio of Perimeters and Areas
HW Answer Key Aug 2018
Regents HW review Answer Key
Geometry Formulas and Procedures Review Study Guide

Unit XI Circles

Circle Proofs 1 and 4 - CW Notes Answer Key
Circle Proofs - blank
Circle Measures of Segments Note packet Answer Key - whole packet
Circle Segments HW Answer Key
Circle Segments HW - blank
Circle Measures of Segments Notes CW problems
Circles Measures of Segment Theorems - blank note packet
Regents Review HW Answer Key
Circle segment formulas Notes PP
Circle and review Assessment topics
Extra Regents problems practice - Answer Key
Extra Practice Workbook p302 # 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9 - Answer Key
Regents Circle AngleArc HW problems - Answer Key
Regents Circle Angle Arc problems HW - Answer Key
Regents Circle Arc Angle problems HW - blank
Arcs, Angles, Segments formula sheet Study Guide review
Arcs and Angles in a Circle Packet #1 & #2 - blank
Angles In and Out of a Circle Notes PP
Assessment Topics and 2 extra Review problems
HW Regents Area of Sector, Arc Length problems - Answer Key
HW Regents Area of Sector, Arc Length problems - blank
CW Regents questions Area of Sector, Arc Length
Area of a Sector - Answer Key
Area of a Sector worksheet Note problems 1-3
Area of Sector - blank
Area of a Sector Notes PowerPoint
Arc Length Textbook HW Answer Key
Arc Length Notes and Answer Key
Arc Length - blank
Converting Radians and Degrees - Answer Key
Converting Radians and Degrees - Notes, problems 1 and 2
Converting Radians and Degrees - blank worksheet
Regents Completing the Square Circle HW - Answer Key
Regents circle problem notes
Regents circle complete the square problems - Answer Key
Review of Circle Equation HW problems # 5-8, and Note problems #1-4 for Completing the Square Regents problems for HW (see HW assignments)
Circles - HW packet - blank
Circle Equations - Power Point Notes

Unit X 3D Shapes (Solids)

CW Regents Review problems
3D Assessment Topics
3D Review Study Guide Part 2 Answer Key
3D Review Study Guide Part 1 Answer Key
3D unit test Review Study Guide packet - blank
Cavalieri's Principle Notes and problem
Density problem - Answer Key
Density Notes PP
Population Density problems worksheet - Answer Key
Population Density worksheet - blank
Populations Density Notes PP and video:
Prisms and Cylinders Volume Answer Key
Volume Prisms and Cylinders problems - blank
Cones, Pyramids, Spheres Notes PP
Volume Packet Answer Key
Regents Review HW Answer Key
Prisms and Cylinders Notes PP
Volume Packet - blank
Box Out Area and Perimeter HW Key
3D Shapes (Solids) PP Notes, CrossSections
Notes 3D Shapes (Solids)
Area Formulas
Perimeter using Distance Formula - blank
Perimeter Distance problem
Box-Out Area Notes
Box-Out Area - blank
Box-Out Area problem

Unit IX Quadrilaterals

Quadrilateral Lab Stations Review packet - Answer Key
Quadrilateral Lab Station Review problems - blank
Quad Proof Hints
Quadrilateral algebraic problems packet - Answer Key
Quadrilateral algebraic problems - blank
Regents Review HW Answer Key
Quadrilateral Properties Chart "Quad Family Tree"
Regents HW Review
Proving a Square Notes
Square properties Notes PP
Regents HW Answer Key
HW Answer Key Rhombus proof #9
HW Review Answer Key
Rhombus Coordinate Geometry Proof Notes
Quadrilateral Properties Ditto HW Answer Key
Rhombus problem #20 Notes
Rhombus algebraic problem
Rhombus Properties Notes PP
Proofs worksheet - blank
Quadrilateral Properties HW Answer Key - Packets 1 and 2
Quadrilateral Properties Ditto Packet 1 and Packet 2 (together) - blank
Parallelogram algebraic problems Notes
Rectangle properties Notes Power Point
Rectangle Notes sheet - blank
Parallelogram Statement Reason Euclidean Proof2
Parallelogram Statement Reason Euclidean proof
Methods for proving triangles congruent
Parallelogram properties for proofs
Topics and Examples for Parallelogram quiz
Coordinate Geometry Parallelogram proof HW Answer Key
Parallelogram coordinate geometry CW proof notes
Proving Parallelogram by coordinate geometry Notes
Parallelogram algebraic problems HW Answer Key
Parallelogram algebraic problems - blank
Quadrilateral HW worksheet - blank
Parallelogram CW worksheet problems
Parallelogram algebraic CW note problems
Parallelograms Properties PP notes
Parallelograms note sheet - blank
Isosceles Trapezoid Proof example Notes
Isosceles Trapezoid Proof notes PowerPoint
Trapezoid Properties review
Trapezoid quiz topics
HW Answer Key Trapezoids
Isosceles Trapezoid Properties and Algebraic problems
HW Answer Key
Trapezoid proof classwork
Trapezoid Proof notes Power Point
HW Key Trapezoid
Trapezoid algebraic note problems
Quadrilaterals and Trapezoid Notes - PowerPoint
Isosceles Right Triangle proof HW Answer Key
Isosceles/Right Triangle Proofs packet - blank
Isosceles/Right Triangle proof #5 Notes
Proving Isosceles/Right Triangles - Notes
Textbook HW review distance and slope formulas - Answer Key

Unit VIII Trigonometry

Stations2 Review - Answer Key
Stations2 Review - blank
Review problem - directed line segment in a ratio
Review packet study guide Trigonometry CoFunctions - Answer Key
Trigonometry Review packet study guide - blank
review - Hints2
review Hints 1
Stations - Trigonometry review - blank
Law of Sines Notes
CW/HW Textbook problems Answer Key
Textbook Trigonometry problems and proportion review problems
Angle of Depression and Angle of Elevation Note problems
Angle of Depression and Angle of Elevation - blank
CoFunctions WarmUp
CoFunctions Notes and problems
CoFunctions - blank
Using Trigonometry to find missing angles - Notes
Using Trigonometry to find missing angles - blank
Introduction to Trigonometry Notes and worksheet
Stations1 Review for right triangles - Answer Key
Stations1 Review for right triangles - blank
HW Answer Key
Trigonometry Notes and worksheet

Unit VII Similarity

HW textbook review Triangle Inequality Answer Key
Right Triangle Proportion problem from the January 2019 Regents exam
Triangle Inequality Theorem PowerPoint Notes and Answers
Right Triangle Proportions Hyp/Leg Classwork Note problems
Right Triangle Proportions Similarity 5 Hyp/Leg packet - blank
Right Triangle Proportions Day 2 Power Point Notes - Hyp/Leg (with whole PP)
Right Triangle Proportions Alt/Leg HW Answer Key
Right Triangle Proportions classwork problems Answer Key
Right Triangle Proportions - blank worksheet
Right Triangle Proportions Power Point Notes for Altitude/Leg Proportions
Factoring Review - Factor/Sum Method "Sign Trick"
Assessment Topics
Similarity Review Packet/Study Guide Answer Key 11-20
Similar Triangles, Congruent Triangles comparison
Similarity Review Packet Study Guide 11-20 - blank
Similarity Review Packet Study Guide 1-10 - Answer Key
Similarity Review Packet Study Guide #1-10 - Blank
Midsegment HW worksheet - Answer Key
Midsegment worksheet HW - Blank
Midsegment Theorem PowerPoint Notes
Side Splitter Theorem PowerPoint Notes
Similarity packet 13-19 Answer Key
Similarity packet 1-12 Answer Key
Similarity CW problems
Similarity problems - blank
Similarity Packet - whole Answer Key
Similarity packet - Answer Key problems 2 and 5, CW #7
Similarity Proof Note problems
Similarity Proofs - blank
Similar Notes - Power Point

Upcoming Assessments - Semester 2 (Dates subject to change)

* Thursday, May 23rd - Circles Segments Assessment (open book) 
* Friday, May 17th - Circles Angles Arcs Assessment 
* Friday, May 10th - Arc Length and Area of Sector Assessment
* Wednesday, April 17th - 3D Solids, Density, Population Density Assessment
* Thursday, April 4th - Coordinate Geometry Proof Assessment & review (bring compass)
* Friday, March 15th - Assessment Right triangle, Isosceles Right triangle, Trapezoid proof and algebraic problems 
* Thursday, March 7th - Trigonometry and Right Triangle Proportions Assessment
* Friday, February 15th - Group quiz right triangle proportions 
* Friday, February 8th - Similarity Assessment

Alternative Assessments

Alternative Assessment 1 Transformation Project Assigned: December 7, 2018 Due: January 11, 2019

Midterm Review

Midterm Review4 - Answer Key, whole packet
Midterm Review4 - Answer Key problems 16 - 26
Midterm Review Extra Notes/Problems - Centroid, Transformations, Proof
Midterm Review4 - Answer Key problems #1-15
Various topics Midterm Review 4 - blank
Constructions Midterm Review 3 - Answer Key
Constructions Midterm Review 3 - blank
Midterm Review #1 snowman picture Answer Key
Coordinate Geometry (Snowman) Midterm Review #1 - Answer Key
Midterm Review Transformations - Answer Key
Transformations Midterm Review Packet - blank
Midterm Review #1b - blank
Midterm Review #1a - blank

Unit VI Transformations

Review of Transformation rules - notes recap
Transformation Review Packet extra dilation review example problem - Answer Key
Transformation Review packet2 - Answer Key
Transformation Review Packet - blank
Dilating a Line notes
Dilations Constructions - Answer Key
Dilations Constructions - blank
Transformations Unit Midterm Review Answer Key
Transformations Unit Test Topics - Assessment Wednesday, January 9th
Transformation Packet Midterm Review - Blank
Dilations Notes
Transformation Group Work Answer Key
Point Reflection notes
Rotational Symmetry worksheet - Answer Key
Rotational Symmetry Worksheet - blank
Rotational Symmetry Notes and examples
Rotation not at origin HW Answer Key
Rotations not at origin notes
HW review
Rotations HW worksheet - blank
Rotations notes and examples key
Transformation Construction HW key
Constructing a Translation - blank worksheet
Steps for constructing a Translation - notes
HW review - textbook Translations
Translations Day 2 notes - Partitioning a Line Segment
Translation HW1 Answer Key
Translations Power Point notes
Assessment topics
Reflection in Special Lines notes
HW review Construction reflection packet
Construction of Line Reflection Power Point notes and video link
HW review
Transformation Project - ALTERNATIVE ASSESSMENT - DUE JANUARY 11, 2019
Line of reflection construction worksheet - blank
Line of Reflections note problems
Construct the Line of Reflection and Construct the Image, given the line of reflection video links
reflection rules
Transformation symbols and quadrants
Transformation Notes

Unit V Parallel Lines

Extra practice - Answer Key
Extra practice - blank
Parallel Line Review Study Guide - Answer Key
Parallel Lines Study Guide - Blank
Construction of Parallel Lines - Answer Key
Steps to the parallel line constructions, follow the numbers
Parallel Line Construction worksheet - blank
Parallel line construction video, click on link:
Parallel Lines Proofs 6 and 8 Answer Key
HW review problems - Answer Key
Textbook review HW problems - Answer Key
Parallel Proof packet HW Answer Key problems 2, 3, 4
Parallel Line Proof Notes, problems 1 and 5
Parallel Line Proofs packet - blank
Parallel Line Theorems
Workbook HW Answer Key
Workbook Parallel Lines HW blank
Parallel Lines worksheet Answer Key
Parallel Lines worksheet - blank
Parallel Lines Theorems Notes PowerPoint

Unit IV Congruent Triangles Notes (click on the date to access the notes)

Double Triangle Congruence packet - blank
Double Triangle Congruence Notes
Overlapping Triangles HW Answer Key 1 and 2
Overlapping Triangles worksheet - blank
Overlapping Triangles Notes
Extra Study Guide Practice Congruent Triangles - Answer Key problem 2
Extra Study Guide Practice Congruent Triangles - Answer Key problem 1
Extra Study Guide Practice Congruent Triangles
Congruent Triangle Proofs Day3 CPCTC - Answer Key
Congruent Triangle Proofs Day3 CPCTC - blank packet
Congruent Triangle Proofs Day 3 CPCTC - CW Note problems
HW review problem 1 from Congruent Triangle Proofs Day2
Congruent Triangle Proofs Day2 Problem 6 notes
HW review problems 4 and 5 Answer Key
Congruent Triangle Proofs Day 2 packet with Notes for problems 3 and 4
Congruent Triangle Proofs Day2 - Blank
Congruent Triangles worksheet 1-8 - Answer Key
Congruent Triangles HW worksheet 1-8
Congruent Triangle Proofs Day1 - Full Answer Key
Congruent Triangle Proofs Day1 - HW Answer Key
Congruent Triangle Proofs Day1 - blank
Congruent Triangle Proof Notes - power point
extra review forming conclusions
HW forming conclusions Day2
Day2 median altitude proofs
HW forming conclusions Day1
mini proofs working with vocabulary worksheet - blank
Mini proofs working with vocabulary to make conclusions

Units I, II, & III: Coordinate Geometry, Basics, & Angles Notes (click on the date to access the notes)

Key points of concurrency - HW Answer Key
Points of Concurrency blank HW worksheet
Circumscribing a Circle about a Triangle Notes
Blank triangle worksheet
Inscribing a Circle in a Triangle
Centroid Answer Key
Centroid worksheet with CW problems-answers
Centroid worksheet - blank
Points of Concurrency Notes
Review 5
Review 4
Review 3
Review 2
Review 1
Construction Assessment Topics
Robot construction project
Extra practice inscribing in a circle
Notes Inscribing in a Circle
Constructions Median and Altitude Notes
Construction Packet Answer Key
Blank Constructions packet # 1-20
Constructions perpendicular lines through a point on and off the line
Construction HW answer key
Homework Constructions blank worksheets
Day 2 Constructions - Copy an Angle, Bisect an Angle - Notes
Day 2 Constructions - Copy an Angle, Bisect an Angle - Blank
Constructions Copy Segment, Bisect Segment
Construction Notes Day 1
Triangle Theorem extra problems review for assessment
Vocabulary review topics for assessment
HW 12 Workbook pages Answer Key
Topics for October 5th Assessment
HW 12 Workbook pages - blank
HW 11 Review Polygons
Extra board notes Polygons sum of exterior angles
Extra board notes Polygon sum of interior angles
Polygon Chart - Key
Polygon Chart - blank
Triangles and Angles HW 10 - Answer Key
Triangle Theorem Notes
HW 9 Answer Key
Vocabulary Practice Problem Notes
Naming Angles Answer Key
Naming Angles worksheet - blank
Coordinate Geometry Extra Examples
Coordinate Geometry Review packet Study guide - Answer Key
Coordinate Geometry Review packet Study guide - blank
Distance Notes
Perpendicular Bisector Review, HW7
Perpendicular Bisector Notes
Midpoint2 HW6 - Answer Key
Midpoint1 HW6 Answer Key
Midpoint worksheet2 - blank
Midpoint worksheet1 - blank
Midpoint notes
More Review examples - Answer Key
More Review Examples - Blank
HW 5 Review - Sept 14th
HW 5 Review - Sept 14th
Study Guide Review2 - blank
Study Guide Review1 - blank
HW 4 Review - Sept 13th
Writing Equations of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
HW3 Review - Sept 12th
Parallel and Perpendicular Slopes
HW Review - Sept 7th
Equation of a Line

Upcoming Assessments (Dates subject to change)

**** Friday, January 25th - 7:30AM report time - Geometry Midterm Exam - bring calculator, pencils/pens, eraser, compass, straightedge ****  Good Luck!!! 
Friday, January 11th - Transformations Unit Assessment  (** Alternative Assessment also due 1/11/19**)
Tuesday, December 12th - Reflections quiz - rules and construction 
Wednesday, December 5th - Parallel Lines plus some review topics 
Friday, November 16th - Congruent Triangle proofs 
Tuesday, October 30th - Forming Conclusions (mini-proofs) 
Friday, October 19th - Constructions & past topics: equation of line perpendicular, distance, interior angles of polygon
Friday, October 5th - Vocabulary, Triangle Theorems, Polygons 
Wednesday, September 26th - Midpoint, Perpendicular Bisector
Tuesday, September 18th - Slope, Parallel, Perpendicular
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