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IB Career Pathways Requirements

The International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (CP) is designed for students in grades 11 and 12 who are interested in pursuing a career-related education.  The CP offers a learning and assessment programme that promotes access to an IB education while supporting and complementing a student’s career-related studies.  Commack is excited to offer two pathways: Business Administration & STEM. 

IB Career-Related Programme

Core Requirements

Personal and Professional Skills is a course that is part of the CP core focusing on ethics, communication, and problem solving. The course will be offered  over two years, every other day, along with the IB Research Methods course.

Reflective Project  is an independent investigation, guided by an adult supervisor, in which the student explores an ethical issue related to their career-related study. (Internally assessed).  This is a 3,000 word essay.

Service Learning is a compulsory element of the CP core, constituting a minimum 50 hours of authentic real-life service learning projects.  This can be a single service learning experience or an extended series of service learning experiences.  Students will have a SL coordinator that will meet various times throughout junior and senior years. 

Language Development:  can be fulfilled in one of the following ways:

  • Option A: The student takes an IB World Language course over two years in addition to at least two other IB courses and completes a language portfolio as part of the class. 

  • Option B: Take the IB Language B courses over two years as one of their DP courses. This option requires 50 or more additional hours of language enrichment and a language portfolio.  

  • Option C: Take Language & Culture 1 & 2 and complete the language portfolio in class and take two DP courses.

How can students earn the CP Certificate?

To be awarded the CP Certificate, students must:

  • Complete a minimum of 2 IB Diploma courses (spread over two years) and earn a minimum of a 3 on the exams (SL or HL). See the reverse side of this handout for course options.

  • Complete a career-related study course OR two half-year career-related study courses (spread over two years)

  • Complete a new IBCP course called Personal and Professional Skills

  • Complete a Reflective Project (related to their chosen career-related study)

  • Complete a Language Development requirement (in a world language other than English)

  • Complete Service Learning (students undertake service initiatives related to topics studied)

IB CP Pathways

Business Administration

STEM Pathway

CRS Courses

IB Courses

CRS Courses

IB Courses

Career & Financial Mgmt (½ year)


Wall Street  (½ year)



 (½ year)


Sports Entertainment & Marketing  (½ year)


Business & Personal Law (LIU) (Full year)


College Accounting

(NYS CTE & LIU)  (Full year)

Virtual Enterprise (Full year) (NYS CTE)

IB Business Management SL


(Full year)

IB Business Management HL


(Full year)

IB Economics

(St. John’s University)

(Full year)

Design & Drawing Production (PLTW)

Civil Engineering & Architecture (PLTW)

Building, Automation & Robots (PLTW)

Principles of Engineering (PLTW)

College Pre-Calc. (Beacon)

AP Computer Science Principles (NDSU)

Computer Applications (LIU)

College Sports Med. (Adelphi)

College Geology (Beacon)

College Marine Bio. (Beacon)

College Chem. Forensics (Syracuse)

College Anatomy & Phys. I & II (LIU)

College Health Professions (LIU)

IB Environmental Systems and Society (Adelphi)

IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science (Adelphi)

Any other  IB Science Class

Any IB Math Class

IB Computer Science 1

IB Computer Science 2 SL