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IC First Time Users

Instructions for First Time Users of the Parent Portal

The following is a list of supported web-browsers for accessing the Infinite Campus Parent Portal via the web:
For Windows:
• Microsoft Edge – Forthcoming, TBD
• Internet Explorer 11.x
• Chrome – the current and most previous versions
• Firefox – the current and most previous versions
For Mac:
• Safari 9.x
• Chrome – the current and most previous versions
• Firefox – the current and most previous versions
For iOS and Android
• Currently, not officially supported, but a Mobile Portal app is available.

Please be advised that grade changes are not reflected on the Parent Portal until the following marking period.

Welcome to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. In order to foster timely communication with parents of students in the Commack School District, please be sure to update your information such as your telephone number and email address if a change has occurred on the Portal or using the Student Data Change Form.

Please read all steps below before entering the Infinite Campus Parent Portal for the first time.

 1. Log on to the secure Internet address for the Parent Portal. 

2. This brings you to the screen below. Click on the HELP button.


Which brings you to this page...

3. Enter the Portal Activation Key provided in the letter you received into the appropriate boxes exactly as it is written in the letter. Click on the Submit Button when you are done.

  At this point, you can create a User Name and Password. To do so,

  • Type your desired User Name in the area indicated.

  • Type your desired Password in the area indicated. (For security reasons, your password must be a minimum of 6 characters.)

  • Retype your password exactly as you did in the step above.

  • When you are done, click on the Create Account button. [Note: It is important that you keep your access information private and do not share it with anyone.]

5. Congratulations! You are now ready to log in to Infinite Campus. Kindly click on the link indicated to access the Parent Portal login page.

6. In the boxes indicated, please type in the Username and Password you created in step 4 then, click on the Log In button.
7.  On the top, click "Select a Student" and you will see the links for the selected student: the monthly attendance record, assessments, contact preferences, account management, messages (District & school notices), Inbox, and Apps for your phone. 

It is VERY IMPORTANT to keep your email address(es) current. Please make sure your email address is current, or make any changes by clicking on the "Contact Preferences" link.

8. In the interest of security, make sure to click on the Log Off link when you are done.

For Help or to Obtain a Parent Portal Activation Key:

Email a request for a parent portal activation key at [email protected]
Be sure to include your name, your child’s name, your child’s birthday and the school they attend.

Infinite Campus and the Parent Portal will be an important tool for you to access information about your child. We appreciate the continued partnership between the parents and the schools as we perpetuate our community of learners. 

The Parent Portal is for the registration of all students in your household. It is only necessary to register one student from your family, and all will show on your portal page.