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Commack School District

Excellence in Education

Counseling Center

Commack High School Counseling Center

School Counseling services are available to every student and are centered around the development of the whole child/adolescent. In partnership with parents, administrators, teachers, support personnel and community members; school counselors will foster social emotional growth, academic success, college and/or career readiness skills, independence and self-advocacy that will enable students to be lifelong learners and productive citizens.
Role of the High School Counselor:
  • Provide transition support as students move from middle school to high school and beyond
  • Monitor the academic progress of each student
  • Advise students on academic planning
  • Provide direct counseling services to students individually and/or in support groups
  • Provide education and support services to parents
  • Provide consultation services to teachers
  • Facilitate referrals to community support services
  • Counsel students who struggle with school phobia, negative peer and family relations, drug/alcohol use, academic failure and stress
  • Provide career guidance to students
  • Provide a comprehensive post-secondary planning program
  • Maintain an up-to-date library of career and post-secondary school information
  • Network with post-secondary schools

Counseling Center Staff

Ms. Kregler, Director of Counseling[email protected]
Ms. Tadmor, Lead Counselor 
[email protected] 
Ms. Catinella[email protected] 
Ms. Clark[email protected]
Mr. DelGiudice[email protected]
Ms. Golubow 
Ms. Iacopelli[email protected] 
Ms. Meyer[email protected] 
Mr. Miale[email protected] 
Ms. Moore
[email protected] 
Ms. Russo[email protected] 
Counseling Center Phone Number: (631) 912-2121
Counseling Center Fax Number: (631) 912-2226
Psychologist and Social Workers
Dr. Cardinale 
[email protected]
Ms. Diaz[email protected]
Ms. Decker[email protected]
Mr. Harris[email protected]
Dr. Leggio[email protected]
Ms. Radziul[email protected]
Ms. Rieger[email protected]
Dr. Sciancalepore
[email protected]

BOCES Career/Internship Coordinator
Ms. Nelson[email protected]

To schedule an appointment with your Counselor, click here.
To schedule an appointment with a Psychologist or Social Worker, click here.