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 Earn Community Service At Parkshore Days Camp:  631-499-8580


Help support our troops: every 25 coupons 3 points!  

Submit to Mr. Boll or your Physical Education teacher.

Click the link below for more information.



Community Service and Involvement Program (C.S.I.P.)

Community service is a non-paying job performed by one person or a group of people for the benefit of their community or its institutions. When our students perform community service it can be within our schools or for an outside "not-for-profit" organization whereby the volunteer does not receive a stipend in exchange for service.  NOT-FOR-PROFIT – is a type of business created to perform a charitable function. The goal of the business is to spend all of its proceeds/service on its mission and therefore, not to make a profit.  Volunteer work at businesses or private residences will not be accepted
Involvement is the students taking advantage of all the wonderful extra curricular activities the members of our community has provided for them.   This can be recognzed in many differnt programs such as drama, athetics, music, clubs etc.
Please email Edward Boll (CSIP Coordinator) at [email protected] or your Physical Education Teacher with any questions or assistance you may need confirming the validity of a not-for-profit organization. 

What are the point values for Community Service and Involvement ?

Click here for CSIP Point information:  CSIP Point Information link

Athletics - 5 points each season (2 pts additional for captain/manager)
INTRAMURAL ATHLETICS 2 points per team per year total for their involvement in intramural athletics.  
Students involved in intramural athletics outside of Commack High School such as, but not limited to: Commack Ice Hockey, Commack Roller Hockey, Commack Soccer League, or Christ the King Basketball, etc. 

CHS CLUBS/honor societies/marching band

GSLC and BSLC are 7 points,

Clubs and Honor Societies are 5 points, 

 President/Officer  2 pts.

Marching Band can earn you a total of 15 points if you fulfill all of your requirements. Failure to meet the club’s obligations will result in ZERO CSIP CREDITS. Your fulfillment of club obligations is evaluated by the adviser.

SERVICE ACTIVITIES INSIDE OF COMMACK HIGH SCHOOL will award "1 point per hour of service":   

The following preapproved activities affiliated with Commack High School can earn students community service credit. These activities will award you one CSIP point per hour worked. These activities include A.V.I.D., Challenge Day, In the Spotlight, Senior Show, and Special Olympics – 

All 5K runs are awarded 3 pts)

Student aide:

Everyday 1 period, half year - 8 points                   everyday 1 period full year -       15 points 

alternate days 1 period, half year - 4 points        alternate days full year 1 period     8 points 


Can I Start to complete service in the summer?

Community service and involvment start July 1st.  Due to the fact that school is not in session, if you are planning to begin service please contact Mr. Boll prior to starting  to confirm that your service will be accepted.
The email address is [email protected] or call 631-912-2080.  

How do I receive credit for my service and/or involvement

Once you have completed your involvement and/or service hours please submit the validation form
1.  Click on the C.S.I.P. information and validation form link:   CSIP Information and validation Form   
2.  Print form - CSIP Validation Form
3.  Fill out all the information on the validation form. 

Teachers can only accept validation forms that have the required number of service hours due for the current year.(15 hours/service in grades 9,10 and 11 and 20 hours/service in grade 12). 

4.  Submit your completed validation form to your Physical Education teacher.  Teachers can only accept validation forms that have the required number of service hours due for the current year.(15 hours/service in grades 9,10 and 11and 20 hours/service in grade 12)
5.  If you have any questions please see your Physical Education teacher or Mr. Boll as soon as possible. 

Where do I find my grade for C.S.I.P. ?

Once your validation form is submitted and approved:
  • Students will receive a class comment of "CSIP complete" or "CSIP not yet submitted" in the marking period 3 report card. CSIP complete means the validation form has been received and approved for a final grade of S.  A comment of CSIP not yet submitted means the requirement to date has not been completed.
  • The students grade of  S  or U will be entered as a  "final grade" on your transcript.  A grade of S means the student has submitted the validation form, it was approved and they have completed the CSIP requirement for the year.  A grade of U means they have not submitted a validation form completing the curent year's CSIP requirement.

Looking for Community Service ideas outside of Commack School District?

Here is a list of organizations our students have proudly served
(this is a sample list and does not reflect all the organizations our students have served).  

In District Service/Virtual Opportunities

2.  Scroll down to view each month
3.  Click on the service opportunity link to see the exciting 
     opportunities available
4.  When you decide on an event please email Debbie Virga 
     at [email protected]
5.  You will receive an email confirmation from the community 
     relations office confirming your service commitment.
Contact Information
By Mail:  1 Scholar Lane Commack, NY 11725
By Phone:  (631) 912-2100
By Email: [email protected]
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