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CSIP Validation/Grading

CSIP Validation & Grading

How do I receive credit for my service and/or involvement? 

Once you have completed your involvement and/or service hours please submit the validation form. 

3. Fill out all the information on the validation form. 
4. Submit your completed validation form to your Physical Education teacher. 

Teachers can only accept validation forms that have the required number of service hours due for the current year.(15 hours/service in grades 9, 10 and 11 and 20 hours/service in grade 12.)

Where do I find my Grade for C.S.I.P. ?

Once your validation form is submitted and approved: 

  • Students will receive a class comment of "CSIP complete" or "CSIP not yet submitted" in the marking period 3 report card. CSIP complete means the validation form has been received and approved for a final grade of S. A comment of CSIP not yet submitted means the requirement to date has not been completed. 

  • The students grade of S or U will be entered as a "final grade" on your transcript. A grade of S means the student has submitted the validation form, it was approved and they have completed the CSIP requirement for the year. A grade of U means they have not submitted a validation form completing the current year's CSIP requirement.