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Commack School District

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CSIP Points

Points Overview

Points Overview

What are the point values for Community Service and Involvement? 

  • 5 points each season (2 pts additional for captain/manager) 
  • Intramural Athletics: 2 points per team per year total for their involvement in intramural athletics. 
Students involved in intramural athletics outside of Commack High School such as, but not limited to: Commack Ice Hockey, Commack Roller Hockey, Commack Soccer League, or Christ the King Basketball, etc. 

CHS Clubs/Honor Societies/Marching Band 
  • GSLC and BSLC are 7 points, 
  • Marching Band can earn up to a total of 15 points if you fulfill all of your requirements. 
  • Clubs and Honor Societies are 5 points, President/Officer earn 2 additional pts. 
Failure to meet the club’s obligations will result in ZERO CSIP CREDITS. Your fulfillment of club obligations is evaluated by the adviser. 

Service Activities Inside of Commack High School
  • Award "1 point per hour of service": The following preapproved activities affiliated with Commack High School can earn students community service credit. These activities will award you one CSIP point per hour worked. These activities include A.V.I.D., In the Spotlight, Senior Show, and Special Olympics. 

All 5K runs are awarded 3 pts. 

Student aide: 
  • Everyday 1 period, half year -         4 points 
  • Everyday 1 period full year -           8 points 
  • Alternate days 1 period, half year - 2 points 
  • Alternate days full year 1 period -   4 points

Looking for Community Service ideas outside of Commack School District?
Here is a list of organizations our students have proudly served (this is a sample list and does not reflect all the organizations our students have served).