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Commack School District

Excellence in Education

Painting and Drawing



This course develops a foundation in drawing and painting through the Visual Arts New York State Visual Arts Content Standards. Through the application of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design students create a variety of unique artworks that demonstrate mastery in all areas of foundational drawing and painting techniques. Students will analyze visual information, responding to artists’ works as well as their own, in oral form using critical thinking and philosophical theory to make their judgments. Students will also demonstrate knowledge of the historical timeline of art and its affect on the development of society. Students will additionally demonstrate understanding of the varied disciplines of the visual arts, their relationship to all areas of education, and their contribution to cultural and visual literacy. Students will practice self-discipline, goal setting, effective attitudes, and active participation to prepare them for success in the visual arts as well as for life long learning. Students will also learn about career pathways in the visual arts as well as recognize the impact of new technology as a means to broaden and expand upon their artistic knowledge and skill. 
 • 2 Point Perspective
 • Grid enlargement
 • Simple Object Still Life
 • Complex Still Life
 • Portraits
 • Figure Drawing
 • Enlarged objects (zoom)
• Value scale review
 • Elements of Art
 • Principles of Design
 • Color Theory
 • Art History
 • Guest Artist
 • Video Conferencing
 • Virtual Museum visits