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Commack School District

Excellence in Education

Message from the Director

Health, Physical Education & Athletic Department


Dear Parents, Students and Community Members,

As the Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics, my goal is to continually improve all areas of our program and to find new and meaningful experiences for all our students and athletes, grades kindergarten through 12. I am glad to be working in a caring community which supports health, wellness and athletics. We recognize the value of ensuring that every child has a balanced learning experience, and we continually explore new methods and revise traditional ones to ensure the wellness, health, and fitness of our students. We also promote social-emotional growth and help our students to become caring, open-minded, and respectful of others in the classroom and in extracurricular activities.

Presently Commack athletes can participate in every sport offered in Suffolk County. We recognize that participation in athletics gives students the opportunity to develop specific skills they possess and to discover new talents. But, in Commack, we are also committed to the development of the complete student-athlete. We expect all the participants in our athletic program to demonstrate not only athletic ability, but also academic achievement, good citizenship, and a sense of responsibility and accountability. We are also cognizant of issues in our society that have affected athletic programs nationwide, and we have taken steps with our athletes and coaches to prevent, for example, hazing and sexual harassment, and to promote internet safety. For specific information, please refer to the district code of conduct and athletic guidelines that address student expectations.

In the past, we have been honored with eight New York State School of Distinction Awards which gave all of our varsity athletic teams scholar-athlete status. This was an amazing accomplishment.  We have also been fortunate enough to win the New York State Healthy Stars Award for overall healthy policies and practices district-wide and the New York Good Sports Award indicative of our strong sportsmanship policies and practices. The Commack district has completed training in comprehensive school health practices from the American School Health Association, in recognition of our district’s dedication to health and wellness.

Beyond directing and supporting an outstanding health, physical education, and athletics program, I am committed to fostering good communications with students and their parents. I believe in the value of our partnership and know that, by speaking with one another frequently, openly, and respectfully, we can be proactive in the prevention of potential problems. I invite parents to speak directly with the teachers and coaches of their sons and daughters, with the goal in mind of making the educational experience a productive one for each individual child. I also welcome communications parents may have with our lead teachers and athletic coordinators at Commack Middle School and Commack High School. Please know that I am available to you at any time.


Pat Friel

Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics