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Commack School District

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Art Clubs & Art Honor Society


The Art/Portfolio Club is a group of students who want to create artwork beyond the regular school day. The club meets weekly and is designed for artists who want to experiment with all types of media. The club is also a valuable meeting place to develop portfolios for NAHS and college admission.
Contact: TBA

The National Art Honor Society (N.A.H.S.) is a national club whose activities consist mainly of providing art services for the school and community as an extension of the curriculum. Artistic students have the opportunity to simultaneously develop their talents and contribute to the community. Activities include creating murals, holiday window painting, visiting museums, building the Haunted House for Halloween and fund raising activities. The funds raised by N.A.H.S. will be used for a scholarship and also distributed to various charities. Candidates for membership must be in 10th grade, enrolled in an art course, completed Studio A and Studio B and maintain an average of 88 or higher in their art courses. Admission is also based on evaluation of an art portfolio, which is submitted at the start of the new school year.
Contact: Ms. Marie Adamo, Art Department


Commack Camera Club is an organization of beginning and advanced photographers. Established in 1999, the purpose of the club is to bring together students with interests in photography. The club primarily uses digital photography. It will help to share ideas, knowledge and insight to improve the skills of its members. Also, Commack Camera Club will assist in the beautification of the high school by continuing to display photos throughout the building. Members are encouraged to enter photography contests throughout the year and develop their own personal style, as well as a portfolio.
Contact: Mr. Rob Raeihle, Art Department

Commack High School’s Fashion Club (CHSFC) welcomes all new and returning members at the start of the school year. We have fun events planned for fall and spring. Members will make the latest in fashionable crafts and accessories, and participate in fundraisers to support various charities. The CHSFC members will participate in our Spring Student Designer Charity Fashion Show. The fashion show is an exciting event open to students interested in designing, modeling, styling hair and cosmetology. Club members must attend weekly meetings in Art Room 3. All grade levels are welcome. All members will receive CSIP points for their membership.
Contact: Mrs. Marie Adamo, Art Department

Stage Craft helps to design, create and decorate sets for school musicals and plays that help the stage come to life and transport the audience from world to world. Students learn about the use of tools, as well as the intricacies of stage design and decoration. Students use the skills taught in the Drama and Stage Craft course.

Display Crew Members are responsible for the beautification of our high school by arranging and posting artwork throughout the building. All Display Crew members will receive CSIP points for their membership. Display Crew members will meet once a month in Art Room 3.