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SchoolMessenger App - You're in Control

SchoolMessenger App - You're in Control

TO OPT IN FOR TEXT MESSAGING: Send a text to 67587 with a Y as the message.

The SchoolMessenger App allows you to control how you receive communications from the school district. The following is a guide to help you get started.

The SchoolMessenger App provides access to all the messages and information sent by our schools and the District. Accessible from any internet-enabled device, it visually displays and organizes alerts, notifications, and attachments for easy review and reference. The app also allows you to customize how you receive communications.

How do I sign up?: Signing up is easy. Using the email address that you have on file in the Parent Portal, follow these three steps:

  1. Go to  to sign up or download the SchoolMessenger app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Market.
  2. Click the “New User” button, enter your email address, and create a password. An email will be sent to that address with a secure token.
  3. After authenticating via the token sent to your email, return to the app and sign in using your email and password.

What’s in the SchoolMessenger App?: Once you’ve created your account, the records associated with your email address will be linked automatically. You can then:

  • View the records associated with your account.
  • Review the last 30 days worth of messages for all of your children.
  • View your contact information, and configure how you’d like to receive notifications.

 Important Things to Know:

  • Regardless of how you choose to receive notifications, all messages associated with your records will be retained in the  inbox for 30 days.
  • You can opt into receiving Device Notifications (Push) under Notification Preferences. When  choosing to receive Device Notifications, a badge or alert will appear when you receive new communications from your organization.



To continue receiving non-emergency communications from the Commack School District (texts and cell phone calls), you are required to grant us permission to contact you. This is due to recent clarifications by the Federal Communications Commission to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Non-emergency telephone calls and SMS text messages from the district now require prior express consent. 

If you haven’t already signed up for the SchoolMessenger App, you can create an account by visiting and clicking "Sign Up."  Be sure to use the email address that the District has on file for you in the Parent Portal. For help with the Parent Portal, please email [email protected] .

You can find out more about SchoolMessenger by visiting:  or by viewing this updated short video: