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Commack School District

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Rolling Hills Primary School Library

Each class visits the library once per week for a 40-minute period, where the love of reading and books is fostered.  Library class is divided into three parts:
  1. A lesson focusing on a library skill or literature element, which supports the Next Generation Learning Standards and is integrated into each grade level's curriculum
  2. Time to browse the collection and select a book 
  3. Reading to students a story, which represents different genres as well as award-winning literature and classics
The goals of the library program are to provide intellectual and physical access to information and ideas; promote an appreciation of literature through active participation in read-alouds; and to develop study, research, and critical thinking skills. The ultimate objectives are to have children become lifelong readers and learners, and become effective users of the library for academic and enjoyment purposes.

Parents play an active role in their children's use of the library by emphasizing the importance of reading and assiting children to return their books on the day library class meets. 

Happy Reading!
Love, Ms. Bronzino



We are excited to announce that we have a new library system. Introducing OPALS, OPen-source Automated Library System! OPALS is a 24/7 information source for students and teachers to use and access wherever they are. Some of the key features include:
-Single sign-on for all databases
-On-campus Google searches
-Specific searches (title, topic, author…)