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Commack School District

Excellence in Education


English & Communications Department

Director:  Mr. Jeffrey Sautner
Lead Teacher:  Mr. James Desmond

Learning goals in the areas of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and language processes as detailed in the New York State Common Core English Language Arts Standards, have been adopted by the Commack High School English Department as standards to be achieved by all students. The curriculum attends to reading both literary and informational texts as well as writing for the purposes of persuasion, explanation, and narration. Additionally, there is a stronger emphasis on research and media skills, which are embedded through the standards.

To achieve the goals set forth in the New York State Common Core English Language Arts Standards, all students will closely read literature and informational texts for interpretation, critical analysis and evaluation. Students will write as a means of asserting and defending claims, conveying ideas and information, and expressing real or imaginary experiences. Students will speak and listen for comprehension and collaboration, integrating digital media as a means of presenting information. Students will demonstrate a command of the conventions of standard English, understand how language functions in different contexts, and determine the meaning of words and phrases.

The Communications Department

At Commack High School, the Communications Department is the area which brings together virtually every elective course offered in the school, enabling students to create a personally meaningful program. Whether a student plans to build a privately owned corporation, seek an advanced college degree or select his/her place in the workforce, the interdisciplinary nature of communications makes sense for many students.

Honor Societies
English Honor Society
International Thespian Society