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Commack School District

Excellence in Education

Social Studies

CHS Social Studies Department

Director:  Mr. Jeffrey Sautner
Lead Teachers: Ms. Holly Bellisari & Dr. Michael Jeziorski

The mission of the Social Studies Department at Commack High School is to actively engage and educate students in the social sciences as well as the study, analysis, and interpretation of historical thought, culture, and records. Students of the Social Studies Department will become immersed in history through activities such as the presentation and analysis of primary source documents. It is our goal to provide students with knowledge and basic understanding of key concepts and information prevalent in the lives of the everyday, globally conscious individual. We hope that by educating our youth to become better citizens we forge the beginnings of a better tomorrow.

Grade 9

Global History I Regents And Global History I Honors/Pre-IB

Global History on the regents and Honors/Pre-IB level explore the evolution of the society of man kind and significant events in its timeline from the birth of civilization up to and including the enlightenment era. Studies in Global History will include reference to culture, belief systems, and military and political aspects of historically powerful regions.

Grade 10

Global History II Regents AndGlobal History II Honors/Pre-IB

These two courses are a continuation of the studies begun in Global History courses. The timeline of these courses ranges from the Enlightenment up to present day studies. Important historical events studies in these courses are industrialization, the era of imperialism, nationalism and self-determination movements, the World Wars, and the Cold War.

Grade 11

U.S. History

This course focuses on the history of the United States from the time it was settled by Europeans through the present day in preparation of the U.S. History Regents exam.

IB History of the Americas Higher Level Year I

This course focuses on the history North, South, and Central America from the time it was settled by Europeans through the present day. This course mainly focuses on the United States and its emergence as a world power but also discusses Latin America and foreign in influences, as well as Canada and some of its history.

Grade 12


This course teaches students to obtain essential economic knowledge and skills that are necessary in order to function effectively as informed citizens and consumers in an increasingly globally interdependent world while also offering students the opportunity to examine vital political issues and topics.

IB History of the Americas Year II (20th Century)

This course focuses is a continuation of the IB Year I history class. The curricula for this course is more focused on the 20th century particularly WWI, WWII, the Cold War, and its effects on the Americas.