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Commack School District

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Second Grade

Second Grade

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Second graders are lifetime learners immersed in reading, language arts, mathematics, history, geography, visual arts, science, music, and physical education. They learn through a variety of structures, including technology in the classroom.
The second grade curriculum focuses on core reading competencies and comprehension skills. Math concepts include, geometry, money, fractions, estimation, symmetry, time, metric measurement, multiplication, division, problem solving, critical thinking, and much more.

Science lessons and labs are exciting and explore topics such as the properties and states of matter, living / non-living things, and animal habitats and behavior. Nutrition and health are covered in both Great Body Shop and Michigan Model Series. Social Studies comes alive, through our PIR (Partners In Reading) program.

North Ridge second graders take field trips to local ecology sites, Long Island Science Museum, and other cultural and historic sites.

Student accountability, self-confidence, and a community of caring, are promoted throughout our Character Education programs, Book Buddies, Wee Deliver, morning announcements, and cooperative learning activities.

It is our commitment for each child to reach his or her physical, social, emotional, and intellectual potential.