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Please assist your child in returning their books on library day.
I teach the responsibility and privilege associated with borrowing books from the library. One book may be borrowed at a time, unless the classroom teacher has assigned a project. If you receive a reminder notice, it means that for whatever reason the book was not returned to the library. 
We ask that you return the book as soon as possible.
 We treat books like they are our treasures!
 What do we do in Library Class?

The Library is the hub of our school, where an appreciation of literature and a love of reading are fostered. Library Class is taught by a certified Library Teacher (Library Media Specialist), once each week for forty minutes. Our library lessons support New York State Next Gen Standards, English Language Arts and grade level curriculums. Library class consists of a 30 minute lesson/activity and ten minutes of book selection. 

Children at Wood Park are exposed to award winning literature, new books and the classics. In addition to literature appreciation, students learn how to effectively use the library for academic pursuit, as well as for enjoyment. The library staff strives to promote life long learning and the love of reading. 

Each week children are encouraged to choose books based on their personal interests and reading ability. We strive to accommodate any special requests that your child has. We discuss the responsibility involved with borrowing materials and students learn to properly care for their library materials. 

Parents are an integral part of the library program at Wood Park. Your child has taken special care to pick out a "just right" book, please share this very exciting experience with him. Feel free to browse our Destiny Library Catalog from home. I am thrilled to share the joy of reading with you and your children! Please email me with any questions or concerns regarding the library program.



We are excited to announce that we have a new library system. Introducing OPALS, OPen-source Automated Library System! OPALS is a 24/7 information source for students and teachers to use and access wherever they are. Some of the key features include:
-Single sign-on for all databases
-On-campus Google searches
-Specific searches (title, topic, author…)