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Voice Recognition

Commack School District

Excellence in Education


2023-2024 Fair Dates

January 31, 2024 Round 1 (in-person) at Crest Hollow Country Club 
March 5, 2024 : Round 2 (in-person) at Crest Hollow Country Club
February 26, 2024 Round 1 - Video Presentation Upload (Virtual) 
March 25, 2024: Round 2 -  Lightning Round (in person) at the New York Hall of Science, Queens NY  

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Past ISEF Winners

2024 (1) Los Angeles, CA
Student: Mehek Sawhney, 2nd Place Grand Award, Microbiology $2,000 

2022 (3) Atlanta, GA
Student: Ashley Hsu
Student: Soyoun "Ashley" Moon
Student: Lakxshanna "Lexi" Raveendran", 3rd Place Grand Award, Microbiology $1,000 

2020 (2) Anaheim, CA   (Virtual)
Student: Ethan Sontarp
Student: Jordan Walsh
2019 (3) Phoenix, AZ   
Student: Pragati Muthukumar, 4th Place Grand Award, Plant Sciences $500
Student: Sean Pak
Student: Ethan Sontarp, 3rd place Grand Award Earth and Environmental Sciences, The Geological Society of America (GSA) and the American Geosciences Institute (AGI) $750
2018 (2) Pittsburgh, PA
Student: Raphael Iskra, 3rd Place Grand Award, Microbiology $1000
Student: Pragati Muthukumar, 2nd Place Grand Award, Plant Sciences $1500 and Planet named in her honor

2017 (3) Los Angeles, CA
Student: Abbigayle Cuomo, 4th Place Grand Award, Earth and Environmental Sciences $500
Student: Raphael Iskra, 3rd Place Grand Award- Microbiology $1000
Student: Charity Russell

2016 (2) Phoenix, AZ
Students: Raymond Janis and Kyle Mitra- Selected for Society of Science focus interview
Student: Mehtaab Sawhney, 4th Place Grand Award, Mathematics $500

2015 (2) Pittsburgh, PA Video Link:
Student: David Li
Student: Scott Massa, 2nd place Grand Award- Cellular and Molecular Biology $1500 
2014 (4) Los Angeles, CA Video Link:
Student: Justin Cheung, 4th place Grand Award- Materials and Bioengineering- $500
Student: Scott Massa
Student: Matthew O'Connell
Student: Joshua Zweig, 3rd place Grand Award- Computer Science $1000; Ashtavadhani Vidwan Ambati Subbaraya Chetty Foundation Award $500; World Economic Forum Future Scientists Award, including a trip to the World Economic Forum in Tien Jin, China  
2013 (3) Phoenix, AZ  
Student: Anthony Bisulco 
Student: Trinity Russell, 2nd place Grand Award- Animal Science $1500; An asteroid belt named in her honor
Student: Joshua Zweig
2012 (4) Pittsburgh, PA  Video Link:
Student: Rebecca Alford, 1st place Grand Award- Biochemistry $3000; Best in Category $5000 + $1000 to CHS and $1000 to LISEF
Student: Steve Jang, 4th place Grand Award- Chemistry $500
Student: Rajkumar Pammal, 2nd place Grand Award- Environmental Management $1500; Air Force Award $1500
Student: Trinity Russell, 3rd place Grand Award- Animal Science $1000; Selected to meet with a panel of 8 Nobel Prize winning scientists

2011 (5) Los Angeles, CA
Student: Rebecca Alford, 2nd place Grand Award- Medicine and Health $1500
Student: Matt Kim, 2nd place Grand Award- Environmental Management $1500; United States Air Force 1st place Award $3000
Student: Savina Kim, 3rd place Grand Award- Cell and Molecular Biology $1000
Student: Erica Portnoy 1st place Grand Award- Biochemistry $3000; Best in Category $5000 + $1000 to CHS and $1000 to LISEF; Trip to Helsinki, Finland to compete in the European Union Contest for Young Scientists
Student: Marni Wasserman, American Meteorological Society 2nd place Award $1000; Society of Exploration Geophysical Award $1000
2010 (2) San Jose, CA
Student: Erika Portnoy- Metric Award 
Student: Alexis Tchaconas, 4th place Grand Award- Microbiology $500; ISEF Naval Award $8000; American Society of Microbiologists Award $500
2009 (2) Reno, NV
Student: Shalini Pammal, 4th place Grand Award- Chemistry
Student: Jason Gross, 4th place Grand Award- Mathematical Sciences 

2008 (1) Atlanta, GA
Student: Jason Gross, 3rd place Grand Award- Mathematical Sciences; Scout Award