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Our Science Lab at North Ridge Primary School supports the NYS elementary Science Common Core curriculum. Children begin by learning through investigation and exploration. The Science lessons are written using the 5E model.

Kindergartners begin the year learning about the five senses with explorations including all the five senses and how to keep them safe. They continue learning about Simple Machines and how they make work easier day to day. The next unit is all about weather including a lesson on researching weather in different parts of the country! The springtime begins their explorations on the Living Environment including a field trip to a local farm.

First Grade begin the year learning all about matter including an exploration of magnets and other properties. They progress into Natural Patterns and Cycles where they will be learning all about the season's, the moon's revolution and other natural patterns. Their learning continues as they explore the Living Environment including both the study of plants and animals.

Second Grade students investigate the properties of solids, liquids and gases. Students learn all about animal habitats and what living things need to survive. They also use the 5E model to explore various aspects of energy and the uses of energy in their lives.

We all look forward to the spring when our students' hard work is displayed in the North Ridge annual Art Exhibit / Science Fair.