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Music is a part of everyday life at North Ridge Primary School. The music program at the K-2 level is designed to help all children discover their musical potential and encourage them to use it.

Opportunities abound in the music classroom. Children learn about melody, rhythm, form, timbre and harmony by experiencing them in carefully sequenced activities. Our room is equipped with Orff instruments, a computer with an interactive projector, and a piano and ample space for movement activities. In the music room, we listen, sing, play instruments, move and compose our own music. Music classes meet once a week for forty minutes. The new district report card includes a music component. The rubric descriptors state the teaching goals that we work toward in our weekly classroom lessons.

Music is a performing art! Each grade level will be showcased in a special event this school year. Performances will be at 10:00 A.M.

Grade 2 April

Kgn. May

Grade 1 June

We are looking forward to seeing you at these events.

In addition to classroom instruction and our annual grade level performances, music is integrated into many of our North Ridge experiences. A patriotic song is sung throughout the school everyday following morning announcements. Classes are invited into the office to lead us in song on our Spirit days. Music is also a part of our monthly “Town Meetings”. Class plays and projects in collaboration with the classroom program get our children up on stage. Parents and teachers are invited to be part of the audience.

Please encourage your child’s musical interests at home. Sing together, dance, and go to concerts together. There are many concerts in our own district that they may enjoy. Information about concerts in our own district can be found on the district Web page. Go to our schools-music program and department calendar.

The primary music program is the beginning of many musical opportunities available in the Commack Music Department.