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Physical Education

Physical Education

Each morning, Mrs. Morris supervises the children as they get off the buses and head into the school. During this procedure, at least a hundred students will approach her, with a big smile on their face, to say, "I have gym today."

For primary school children, coming to the gym is one of the most exciting parts of their day and the gym teachers at North Ridge are committed to making gym fun for them so that they will continue to enjoy physical activity as they get older.

The children at North Ridge come to the gym twice a week for 30 minutes. Please remind your children to wear their sneakers on days they have P. E. Sneakers are required for your child to participate in class and should be designed for athletic use. Please note that "backless" sneakers, platform sneakers, boots, heeleys and sandals are not permitted since they not only inhibit skill development but also present safety concerns in class. Proper footwear helps enhance your child's overall physical development while also serving to provide for safe participation. Please know that insuring your child's safety at all times is a top priority of our program.

For students in kindergarten, first, and second grade, the physical education program focuses on gross motor skills such as safe travel through space, loco-motor patterns, and pathways, with an emphasis on varying speed and direction. There will also be attention given to manipulative skills like kicking, throwing, and catching. All activities will reinforce social goals such as safe participation, sharing, and cooperation. We begin each class with stretches, strengthening exercises and a cardiovascular run. Throughout the year we are preparing the students for the district-wide physical fitness test which will be given at Burr.

Students love to participate in every class. However, if your child is attending school but cannot take P.E. class that day, kindly send in a signed excuse note stating the reason your child cannot participate. Also, if your child has been excused from participating by a doctor, whether due to injury or prolonged illness, a doctor's note is required for your child to resume class participation. This will also help us to monitor your child's progress as he/she resumes activity. If a student cannot participate, he/she will be sent to the Nurse's Office for gym and recess.

Please reinforce the following gym rules with your children.
  • Wear sneakers
  • Listen & follow directions
  • Try your best
  • Play fairly & honestly
  • Be cooperative & respectful to all
  • Play safely
  • Exit the gym quietly